White Chocolate Pumpkin Bars

Here is a delicious addition to my fall recipes: White Chocolate Pumpkin Bars. Every fall I go into my kitchen with an intent of creating new recipes that include pumpkin in them. Sometimes I am happy with the recipe from the first try; sometimes it takes a few tweaks before it is ready to be… Continue reading White Chocolate Pumpkin Bars

Crabapple Galette

Some of you might find the idea of making a pie with crabapples unappealing, but wait until you try this baby. Made with green crabapples, this easy to make galette will make you want to have another slice. I served it with caramel ice-cream, which pairs well with the tartness of the apples, but I… Continue reading Crabapple Galette

Mini Plum Tarts

While stone fruit are in season, I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate them into my baked goods as much as possible. Today I am sharing with you a very easy pastry recipe I like to make when I am short on time, but want delicious dessert. Made with pre-made puff pastry,… Continue reading Mini Plum Tarts

Raspberry Jam

I love berry jams, and raspberry jam is one of my favorites. Last week I went to visit my dear friend, Natalia; after catching up and drinking tea with her delicious homemade bread and wild-berry jam, we ended up picking raspberries from her beautiful garden. Natalia and I picked enough berries to snack on and… Continue reading Raspberry Jam