Carrots in Horseradish Sauce

  What do you do when you have a whole bunch of freshly picked carrots? You definitely don’t want to cook them all. Enjoy the crunchiness and freshness of the carrots by eating them raw or make my raw carrot salad. That is what I did with the carrots I picked at Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm.

Crabapple Galette

Some of you might find the idea of making a pie with crabapples unappealing, but wait until you try this baby. Made with green crabapples, this easy to make galette will make you want to have another slice. I served it with caramel ice-cream, which pairs well with the tartness of the apples, but I… Continue reading Crabapple Galette

Raspberry Jam

I love berry jams, and raspberry jam is one of my favorites. Last week I went to visit my dear friend, Natalia; after catching up and drinking tea with her delicious homemade bread and wild-berry jam, we ended up picking raspberries from her beautiful garden. Natalia and I picked enough berries to snack on and… Continue reading Raspberry Jam

Wild Blueberry Galette

After hearing that blueberries were ripening early this year, I decided to go to Glen Alps, a very popular hiking area in the Chugach Mountains, to see if blueberries were ripe enough for picking. It was cloudy, and it drizzled on and off, but the stillness of the weather made my adventure so much more… Continue reading Wild Blueberry Galette

Salmon Head Soup (Asian Fusion)

‘Salmon Head Soup’ might not sound appealing to some of you, but wait until you try this Asian fusion soup inspired by my trip to Malaysia. Made with the addition of coconut cream, sambal (spicy chili sauce), and turmeric, this soup is a combination of beautiful colors and amazing flavors.