Teff Porridge

  Have you heard of Teff? If not, let me tell you about it. Teff, the smallest grain in the world, has been a staple of Ethiopian cuisine for thousands of years. It has gained popularity in the US in recent years not only becuase of its health benefits, but also because it is gluten… Continue reading Teff Porridge

Shepherd’s Salad (Choban Salad)

Here is another recipe for a colorful summer salad from Azerbaijan, Choban Salad (Shepherd’s Salad in English). Made with fresh vegetables, this salad can be served as a side or with some cheese and bread as a main dish.

Rattlesnake Beans with Onions and Peppers

Rattlesnake Beans with Onions and Peppers  sounds delicious – just kidding. Don’t worry there are no actual rattlesnakes involved in this recipe. The name comes from the streaky pattern the rattlesnake beans develop as they mature, which supposedly resembles a pattern on a rattlesnake.

Lentil Soup

  This recipe was inspired by the delicious lentil soup my Turkish friend prepared for our friends and me during my college years. Since then I have developed my own recipe, which luckily turned out to be a success. I have been making this soup for many years now, not just because it is one… Continue reading Lentil Soup