Rattlesnake Beans with Onions and Peppers

Rattlesnake Beans with Onions and Peppers  sounds delicious – just kidding. Don’t worry there are no actual rattlesnakes involved in this recipe. The name comes from the streaky pattern the rattlesnake beans develop as they mature, which supposedly resembles a pattern on a rattlesnake.

Stuffed Grape Leaf Rolls (Dolma)

Every time I visit my parents in Baku, Azerbaijan – that is where I am now – making Stuffed Grape Leave Rolls or Dolma with my mother is a must. I have to admit that my mother’s dolma is one of my favorite dishes simply because my mama is an excellent cook! The name Dolma comes from… Continue reading Stuffed Grape Leaf Rolls (Dolma)

Chicken Sambal with Coconut Rice

After my trip to Malaysia last year, I have been experimenting with Malaysian cuisine in my kitchen, making dishes with sambal (spicy red chily sauce), lemongrass, ginger, and coconut milk. The dishes I made ranged from very hot to mildly spicy.