Green Salsa

Today my kitchen was filled with the delicious aroma of the charred peppers and tomatillos as they were being blended in a food processor with the rest of the ingredients. Hot jalapenos and pungent garlic added a nice kick to this recipe. With its vibrant color, my green salsa experiment turned out to be a success.

Prep: 10 min   Broil: 10 min   Total: 20 min


4 medium tomatillos, husked and washed

1 poblano pepper

2 jalapeno peppers

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tbsp cilantro, chopped

salt to taste

lime juice to taste (optional)


Place the tomatillos and peppers in a broiler pan.


Broil on high 4 inches below the heat source until the skin starts to char and blister for 5 minute; then turn over the veggies and broil for 5 more minutes. Remove from the oven, and let slightly cool.


Remove over-charred skin of the peppers and tomatillos. Cut the peppers in half lengthwise, and remove the seeds.

In a food processor, place the peppers, tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, salt, and lime juice. Process until desired consistency.


Serve as a dip or add to tacos.








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